Together, we have created the video search of tomorrow - something that will completely revolutionize how billions of people find videos and moments.

Something super exciting just happened and we have to wind down our service! While we can't share our immediate plans with you, please be assured that we will continue to innovate and make it easier for the world to find the moments that truly matter.

Here's to moments - your moments - that matter.

Dziękuję bardzo!
- Baarzo Team

True Video Search

True Video Search

Baarzo has built a video search engine that actually scans video to find specific content. For example, you could search through the NBA video archive for every Kobe Bryant dunk against the Spurs, or scan the Movies folder on your laptop to locate every clip of your child blowing out birthday candles. Baarzo lets you find and share moments like these with a simple swipe.

Unlike Google or YouTube searches, which only evaluate the text around the video, the Baarzo search technology actually analyzes the video content, recognizing hundreds of thousands of objects and millions of faces, and locates the precise moment in the video when the search objects interact in the way you had specified.

Sounds incredible, right? Don't take our word for it; try it out for yourself. Ping us at to register for our upcoming private beta.

Our core team consists of domain experts from Stanford, Berkeley, Princeton, UIUC, and IITs. We are well-funded by leading Silicon Valley investors and are looking to expand our team.